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    Bridge CC 2019 jpeg images pixelated

    Hanahoe Level 1

      I use MacOs Mojave with a Mac Pro late 2013, 3.7GHz quad core processor, 32 GB memory and AMD Firepro D300 2GB graphics.  I updated both Bridge and Photoshop when the new software was first made available. 


      Yesterday I tried to save some Tiff files as Jpegs so that i might export them via the internet.  This created a problem.


      CR2 images developed in Photoshop ACR, saved as Tiff Smart Objects and viewed in Bridge look good.  However, when the Tiffs are then re-saved as Jpegs and viewed in Bridge the Jpegs are pixelated.  The same Tiffs re-saved as Tiffs or as PSD files look fine in Bridge.  When the pixelated file in Bridge is viewed at 100% it is pixelated for a short time and then looks ok.  Pixelation is only seen when the Jpeg file is viewed at the usual size in Bridge.  The extent of pixelation is not massive but sufficient to be objectionable.


      I have:

      • uninstalled and reinstalled both Bridge and Photoshop
      • purged the relevant caches
      • deleted the folder -  Users/Thom/Library/Caches//Adobe/Bridge/Cache/v36
      • reset all my preferences for Bridge and Photoshop
      • enabled and disabled Photoshop/Preferences/Performance/Use Graphics Processor
      • flattened, converted from 16 bits to 8 bits and changed the colourspace to sRGB before saving theTiff as a Jpeg,


      None of these actions was helpful and the problem remains. 


      Jpegs which are pixelated in Bridge looks fine when viewed using Canon DP4 software.


      The result of the same conversion from Tiff Smart Object to Jpeg file on my MacBook Pro with the same operating system and software looks fine on that computer in Bridge.


      It is worth noting that from time to time the symbols in Bridge, for example in the Application Bar and at the bottom of the Content Panel, appear in a bright green/yellow fluorescent colour.


      Comments would be much appreciated !


      All best wishes


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          Randy Hufford Adobe Community Professional

          I sometimes have issues with bridge updating the cache. So images look pixelated in bridge. I notice after i shut down than resatrt it usually starts to work.

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            Hanahoe Level 1

            This is a persistent issue which has has been resistant to cache emptying, restarting Bridge, replacing Bridge with a new copy and repeating the same with Photoshop.

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              Hanahoe Level 1

              This is an update to my earlier post on 28 November.  My problem still remains:  when Tiff files are Saved As Jpegs they become grainy and pixelated.  I have recently observed that this problem does not occur if the Tiff file is saved to Jpeg inside an Action which includes a Save As command at the end of the action. 


              I also note that when the file is Saved As to Jpeg, the Save As Jpeg dialogue box shows a flashing black line alongside the slider for 'Small File ___________Large File' as shown in the attached screen shot.  This flashing black line should not be there.  The flashing line does not appear when the Save As command is generated within the Action.  This all seems bizarre.  Any observations appreciated.



              Screenshot 2018-12-06 at 15.13.05.png

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                Abhishek.Seth Employee Moderator



                Can you please update to the latest version of Bridge CC ( and purge cache for files that are causing problem.

                Please let us know if you still face any issues.



                Abhishek Seth.

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                  Hanahoe Level 1

                  Hello Abhishek,

                  Thank you very much for your response.  I updated to the latest version of Bridge CC (  and:

                  • purged the Bridge CC cache for a  .tiff file
                  • opened the .tiff file in Photoshop CC
                  • saved the .tiff file directly as a .jpeg file
                  • then, in Bridge CC, compared the the two files.


                  The .tiff file appears clean and entirely satisfactory but the .jpeg appears as before, grainy and pixelated.  Can I send you a zipped/compressed folder with the two files inside so that you can see the problem?

                  All best wishes


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                    Abhishek.Seth Employee Moderator

                    Hi Hanahoe,


                    Thank you for your response.

                    Please share the files with abseth@adobe.com which will help us investigate the issue you are facing.



                    Abhishek Seth.

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                      Hanahoe Level 1


                      Thanks for your response.   I have sent you a zipped folder via Apple Mail Drop which contains the .tiff image file and the .jpeg image file to which I referred in message 5 above.  Please let me know if there are any difficulties with the Mail Drop. Thanks again.




                      All best wishes