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    Open txt file with fileIO extra

    Almudever Level 1

      I have one list with the names of various txt files for example:


      I want read these files and then with fileIO xtra open one file of them.

      I tried:

      myFile=(getAt(myList, myPos))

      but when I open with:

      mynewxtra = xtra ("fileio").new()
      openFile(mynewxtra ,the moviePath&"Temario"&fileSep&"Tema_1"&fileSep&"myFile",1)

      does not open my file

      the only manner I can open is:

      openFile(mynewxtra ,the moviePath&"Temario"&fileSep&"Tema_1"&fileSep&"file1.txt",1)

      but this is with great effort.

      Can you help me?