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    Auto import onto 2 external drives


      My Mac recently died and I lost all of my presets for importing photos into Lightroom CC. I had previously set for all new photos to go onto an external hard drive and another onto another drive. I cannot figure out how to replicate these settings. I really want this to be done automatically anytime I import new photos.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Lightroom-CC or Lightroom-Classic-CC?


          I presume 'Classic'!

          Simply do an Import and set all the options you want- 'Copy/Copy as DNG/..' , Destination Drive, Folder Structure, Metadata, Renaming, etc.

          Then 'Save' a new Import Preset from the drop-down menu below the import window.



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            richardplondon Level 4

            The style of import does need to be "Copy" (or "Copy as DNG").


            Where your main image goes (the one which is imported to the LR Catalog) is set in the Destination panel. For example, into a dated folder structure beneath a parent drive / folder which is unvarying from one import to the next.


            The option to copy each file to a second location also, is set elsewhere: that's in the File Handling panel. Again the parent drive / folder can be unvarying from one import to the next. I believe this copy is excluded from any renaming, and/or conversion to DNG, which may happen to the imported image. And - on a matter of terminology it is IMO better to say this second file is not 'imported', only 'copied'.


            So once these things are set up, as well as any develop preset and metadata preset that will be universally appropriate to apply, an import preset can be saved and then re-used on future occasions. You already know the value of this. For future reference, it is possible to back these up (and all your other presets too) from inside your user files.


            Personally I tend to recall this import preset each time, to make sure that all settings are initialised. Then I type in such generalised keywords as will apply across this batch - that will be held in common by all the photos. So LR now shows that I've departed from the preset as saved. Next time I re-select the preset, this clears all 'batch' keywords previously entered and also makes sure everything about the destination etc has gone back to my consistent, tested baseline.


            My own import preset has remained untouched for years - my image file structure for those years, has come about entirely due to this preset. The only intervention is an annual one: to go into my metadata preset and change the year of copyright. My import preset refers to this metadata preset by name, so whenever that's been updated, the next import automatically reflects the change.