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    RoboHelp 7

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      In order to generate Printed Documentation using Word 2007, I had to upgrade from RoboHelp 6 to RoboHelp 7, where the upgrade was advertised on the Adobe Website for $79 US. I spoke with a rep who indicated that the only reason there was an new version was so that RoboHelp would be compatible with Office 2007.

      As a result, I purchased the upgrade and, when I installed it, I noticed that I now have the icons for RoboHelp 7 on my desktop as well as the icons for RoboHelp 6. I thought the upgrade would upgrade and overwrite the original version.

      I just checked the Adobe Website again, and they are now advertising the upgrade for $499 US.

      Was the one I purchased a full upgrade?

      Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.

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          Hi Lisa

          RoboHelp 7 and RoboHelp 6 are about as different as night and day. I'm thinking the upgrade price of $499 is for folks that didn't adopt version 6. Perhaps they have X5. The upgrade of 6 to 7 was a special incentive and sort of a "thank you", to those folks that adopted version 6 early. You should have the upgraded version installed.

          Is there something not working as you wanted? Or was the post more because of the curiosity over the two icons. You are probably safe in uninstalling version 6.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Hi Rick,

            I have to say - mostly I was curious about the price. Our company couldn't get the upgrade from the company for the price from Adobe. When the upgrade was installed and it left the version 6 icons, I started to think that it wasn't a full upgrade.

            All the same, everything is working as expected - except for that overview page in my previous post. I've got to do a little more investigation on that!

            Take Care,

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              Gravenstein Level 2
              Rick, FYI, the RH6-to-RH7 $79 upgrade option has disappeared from the Adobe site.

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                KC in Colorado Level 1
                For those of you out there who are still using RoboHelp 6.0, this upgrade price of $79 is still available (to 6.0 users only, as far as I could tell). But you need to talk to someone at Adobe Sales. Not sure you'll get that rate if you order the 7.0 upgrade from the Adobe Web site.

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                  Thanks for the update, KC. Maybe I'll be able to give this another try.