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    Flash newb can't get a SWF to work in a DW MX 2004 html

    Chuck Bryant
      I'm trying out Flash CS3 with my trusty ol' Dreamweaver MX2004, on Mac OS 10.4.9. I've had another DW site active for four years; this is the first time I've tried Flash.

      The swf plays as expected (I've posted it for reference at www.somethinghappeninghere.com/happeningintro.swf), but I cannot get DW to recognize it within my index.html (www.somethinghappeninghere.com). I've tried inserting my .swf according to instructions in ch. 17 in Todd Perkins' H.O.T. CS3 book, and by using Dreamweaver's Insert > Flash menu command. I found another tutorial that talked about "skins" (huh?) in DW CS3, but I don't find them used in my MX2004.

      I do also have the corresponding "happeningintro.html" file from when I published the swf -- but I can't find anything that refers to how to USE it.

      Please send any suggestions and clarification to cb50dc@yahoo.com. I'm fully prepared to give myself a dope-slap when Iearn whatever details I've overlooked. Thank you.