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    Error compiling movie, software render error, error code 512

    nguyenc82161303 Level 1

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      My device spec:

      ram 8.0GB

      intel(r) core(tm) i7-4800mq cpu @ 2.70ghz

      system type : 64 byte

      I could export some videos before but they were quite short

      I imported video from .MOV and i used to edit PP normally

      But when i exported my project, it said :đụ.png

      i tried to follow all the instructions on the web but none of them work . After turning off all the lumetri color in every videos, then it said :dduj 2.pngUntitled.png

      I have tried to change the preference frome performance to Memory, renderer to Software Only, change some Format, even try Match sequence setting, export in C:/, split the sequence to small pieces but they didnt work . I had to restart my computer over 10 times because of lagging

      sorry my English is bad but i need help a lot .