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    Doing a build with WebHelp

    sneedhearn Level 1
      I am building a webHelp system (primary layout) and I need to post it in TSF (Visual Studio) to they can build the install, but I am not sure how to do it.

      My file structure looks like this:

      My robohelp projects
      Capturx for ADR (my project)

      Under this there are several other folders - !Language, SSL/WebHelp, WebHelp_Pro

      Do I have to put my project folder and all of the subfolders out there for the build, or can I just put the WebHelp folder out there for the build?

      Secondly, does the developer link to a specific HTML file or other file (like an Index) within that folder? I think when I used it several years ago, they connected to a specific file and the rest of the help ran off of that as relative links.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          You give your developers all the folders and files in the WebHelp folder.

          They point to whatever you defined as the start page - first field in the wizard.

          I notice the words WebHelp_Pro. You are running the help off a server configured with RoboServer? If not you need a webhelp output, not a webhelp pro output.