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    activateWindow not called

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      I use on deactivateWindow and on activateWindow events to detect the moment
      when user changes to another application (in this case i can stop all my
      timers etc and start them again on activation of the window)

      Everything works fine under Windows (director MX 2004)

      But on Mac OS X 10.4 I have following problem: on changing to other program
      per klick or ALT+TAB the window of director app is deactivated (as
      expected). But when I want do activate it again (per ALT+TAB or per
      selection of app's icon in taskbar) the window of my app appears on the
      screen but on activateWindow event is not called. I have to klick into
      window - andonly then it gets on activateWindow event

      Is there any possibility to detect under mac OS X the moment when director
      app window is brought to front besides of in "on activatewindow" event?

      Any help will be appreciated