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    Wither Promotion?

    thismarty Level 1
      One of the most important features that Adobe can add to Director with version 11 is the active promotion of the product. That's the ball Macromedia really dropped with the program.

      Yet here we are on release day and Adobe doesn't have so much as a whisper about Director 11 on their main page. Heck, even Adobe's Director evangelist doesn't have a new post on the subject yet.

      So far, not so good.

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          Ex Malterra Level 1
          Yeah, peculiar isn't it. The Director documentation page doesn't mention D11 either. Adobe's turning it into a sort of non-event. That's a shame really. Even though it's looking like D11 isn't the Director panacea some had hoped it would be it's still an important release with good new features; seems it would be worth mentioning on the homepage.

          Wasn't there a mention on the homepage the day the release was announced at GDC? Seems I heard on the Director Podcast that was a SNAFU by the Adobe website folks. Maybe they didn't want to repeat a mistake and are being more cautious.
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            thismarty Level 1
            Maybe someone should tell Adobe that they just released a new version of Director.
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              Now that's one of the few things about Director 11 that brought a smile!
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                Its Unbelievable! Anyone would think they were embarrassed about it or something.
                A new release, first for 4 years, new features etc. etc. not even mentioned in the News section.. What! Perhaps if they renamed to include the word Flash or Air it might do better? I suggest "Adobe Flashier" or perhaps they need something more exciting than "Director" maybe "Adobe Zoom" or "Zang" Jesus! just do something!!
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                  thismarty Level 1
                  Glad to see it's not just me.

                  Personally, this is the most important thing I was hoping for in D11: active promotion by its parent company. There's not a single feature in D11 that will attract new users, but enthusiastic promotion by Adobe could work miracles.

                  Adobe's apparent unwillingness to make so much as a peep over this release is going to speak volumes to the world as to just how "alive" the product really is.

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                    Wolfgang Herold Level 2
                    would you advertise a beta ;)

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                      Level 7
                      It looks like Adobe is still trying to get all the pieces working before a
                      formal introduction (at least I hope this is the answer). For example,
                      Shockwave 11 was late and still does not look totally updated on the Adobe
                      site. Note there is now an button for Shockwave beside the Flash, Air, and
                      PDF buttons - this is new and hopeful. But the button graphics are old as is
                      the entire Shockwave page, so I am guessing that Adobe is still making final
                      changes before a formal announcement. Also, the entire authoring program
                      installation system seemed a bit new and odd to me (on Windows), so I am
                      wondering if they are still working out kinks on this too. Now, of course,
                      they have certainly had enough time between Director releases to get all
                      this together, but . . .

                      "wherold" <webforumsuser@macromedia.com> wrote in message
                      > would you advertise a beta ;)
                      > Wolfgang

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                        hobin rood-A6phwi

                        Originally posted by: wherold
                        would you advertise a beta ;)


                        as a company:
                        would you promote a beta at GDC?
                        would you sell a beta?

                        as a customer:
                        would you buy a beta?

                        .... ???????
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                          Wolfgang Herold Level 2

                          Originally posted by: 66mrbd7

                          Originally posted by: wherold
                          would you advertise a beta ;)


                          >as a company:
                          >would you promote a beta at GDC?

                          many companies do that on shows.
                          and if you compare that GDC Event to a real Adobe show booth, then
                          you'll see that it was not more than putting some sweets to poor children in the Mexican desert.

                          >would you sell a beta?

                          also many do so, especially game developers. after a month or two youll get the first
                          update and the most features really work.

                          >as a customer:
                          >would you buy a beta?

                          sometimes yes, as most 1st releases are betas, but sold as final.
                          Most times managment wants to get it out, not developers or quality people.

                          do you really think, that any quality people did'nt know about the bugs, that 40 or 50 forummebers found in two or three hours. open your blue eyes. thats business.

                          thank god, Adobe is not Macromedia.
                          e.g. Lightroom is about one year old, and now we have version 1.4. THEY DO SOMETHING.

                          >.... ???????

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                            hobin rood-A6phwi Level 1

                            Originally posted by: wherold
                            open your blue eyes. thats business.

                            ? strange business you're in.
                            so you would promote a beta but would not advertise a beta?

                            sorry, your words don't make any sense to me...
                            just like director 11


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                              thismarty Level 1
                              That Get Shockwave badge has been on the Adobe main page for months now.

                              Interestingly, it is even visually relegated to peon status, relative to the other three badges (i.e. no white box).
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                                thismarty Level 1
                                And while I'm ********, what's up with Adobe's new "evangelist"?

                                No offense to Allen, but if Director's own paid shill doesn't have anything to say about the product during launch week, that's pretty sad.
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                                  thismarty Level 1
                                  And now (9am EST 3/29), they just updated the "News" text on the Adobe main page to let the world know about two new products (for Flash and Photoshop users), but still no mention of D11.

                                  Is D11 not news to Adobe? To anyone?
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                                    Originally posted by: wherold
                                    would you advertise a beta ;)


                                    According to the frontpage news today, I guess they do advertise beta (LOL):

                                    Adobe Photoshop Express (beta): Made you look

                                    Protect your content with Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server
                                    Adobe unveils Flex 3, a free open source framework for creating rich Internet applications
                                    RIAs on the desktop: Adobe AIR is now in production
                                    Big brands bring Adobe AIR applications to users like you
                                    Creative Suite 3: Which edition is right for you?