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    My Apple browser is Safari.  I've enabled it to download Flash Player, but it says that my Adobe has critical issues. I need someone to call me by phone, and talk me through getting Flash to work on this MacBook Pro.

    benm52999941 Level 1

      I am trying to update the Adobe Flash Player on my home MacBook Pro, so that I can take a food servers test online.  I've checked the website preferences on my Safari Browser, and they seem to be saying that the Adobe on my computer has critical issues, and it won't download the Flash Player.  I need someone to call my on my landline, and talk me through getting this Flash Player issue resolved.  I am not a computer programmer, and I cannot follow all your written instructions and questions, and choices. They are all incomprehensible to me, and I need a technician to talk to me on the phone.  My version is MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6.

      If someone can call me, please send me an email with your phone number, so I can call you.  Thanks. Ben Meek