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    Web Services - compilation errors in generated code

      I am new to Flex Builder. I have built web services clients and services using a handful of languages. Certainly the generation of clients with FB3 is straightforward and about as intuitive as it gets (unless, of course, I've missed something obvious and am causing these issues). Unfortunately it's generating code that contains errors for the web services we have written in Java and implemented using Axis 1.4. One of the issues is related to the existence of reserved words (such as "new") in the complex data types that are passed/returned by these web services. These same structures (classes) are not causing problems in the Java client or server implementations. (I don't recall but I am guessing they are prefixed with "_" characters.)

      Secondly I am seeing this error (and others like it):

      Severity and Description Path Resource Location Creation Time Id
      1119: Access of possibly undefined property GetCCTransactions_RESULT through a reference with static type Class. FBTest/src/dcn/circ4 CMECF_WS_CommonReportsServiceService.as line 135 1206241030191 121622

      The particular line of code referenced above looks like this:


      These errors are in the generated code therefore I am wondering what, if any, known limitations there are in FB3's support of web services.