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    Open a picture in Photoshop - editing is not possible

    oxxl777 Level 1



      Since the latest update of Photoshop CC 2019 on my laptop i have a severe problem: when i work at in Lightroom on a picture an i want to open it in Photoshop ("ctrl E"), the picture opens there automaticly as i am used to, but i cannot edit anything, neither change something within the picture nore (which is important for me a s a press photographer) edit the metadata.
      The only solution i have found by now is to open the picture in photoshop via photoshop itself (which takes much longer and does not allow me to keep recently changes from lightroom and leads me through camera raw first), then i can make all the changes i want to (which particularely is to import a special capture i get from a agency i work for, which is formatted in *.xmp). Afterwards i have to accept the changes in lightroom.
      This is very bad for me because it takes much longer to do this then it did before...


      I do not have the same problem on another laptop, where i have not updated photoshop for the very last verion...
      Hoping to get help here...