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    Escape Key ruins my application

    hwa-jun yu Level 1
      Escape Key messed up big time with my app. To name the problems, there were three major bugs possible to occur when I repeatedly hit the ESCAPE key when my app is running (of course on Projector) :
      1. Some animations (sprite) drew back to frame 1.
      2. Sometimes in some part of my app, it failed my projector to call certain Custom Functions. And in some other cases, it somehow disabled (or maybe removed) certain Sprite Behaviors. Thus, making that game not playable when it happened.
      3. It also made some error such as : Handler not found in Object. #play
      I knew it's gotta be something to do with my Flash Sprite, but to surprise me, I found out that no keydown script should be running when that error occured.

      In my conclusion, these things related to my pressing ESCAPE key repeatedly when playing the app.

      Is there anyone else who has experienced the same problem with me? Is there a solution this? Maybe I can lock the Escape key. But, hey, I need the Escape key to let user Skip certain parts of my game.