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    i give up, how do you do the hittest?

    dtrace Level 1
      I basically have a drop down menu, that is in a movieclip. When you roll over it, it slides down a bit. When you roll off of it, it slides back up.


      But, within that movieclip, i have buttons, that I'd like to have work. But as you know, you can't have rollovers work within a movie clip that has a rollover command on it.

      So....I think, let's do a hit test. Instead of a rollover command for the outer movie clip, let's do a hit test, and that will solve the problem.

      However, I don't know how to do this. Every time I try doing a hit test to see if the users mouse is over a given movie clip. It doesn't work. Where am I putting the code?

      How can arrange this so that, when you roll over my little drop down, it moves down, but also, when you roll over the buttons within it, they will work?

      ???? please help.