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    Acrobat Share - Create New Profile message

    yancowles Level 1

      Hi people,

      Does anyone know why I get a Create New Profile message popping up when I try and share a pdf with my clients?

      The review copy starts generating but then this message box appears after a few seconds but I've no clue what it's for and I can't find anything related to it on an internet search.


      To be frank, it's bloody annoying because if you don't cancel it, the pdf doesn't get shared which I found out to my cost today.

      I thought all was well after I'd clicked Share and moved on to other work only to find out later that it had been sat on this message all the rest of the day and my client hadn't received.


      So yeah, that was four hours work down the drain and a harsh lesson for me.


      Anyway, if anyone knows what it's all about, I would be most grateful.