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    Uploading to Blurb never completes

    alanf9 Level 1

      Most times in the past week when I try to upload a book to Blurb it never completes; it completes uploading both the cover and the pages but stops at the "Waiting for Blurb Server Processing" and never completes (I have left it for 8 hours on several occasions). This happens most times I try to upload from LR v7.5 or v8.0, only occasionally does it complete.  This wasn't a problem until recently; I have used the book module very extensively every since it was introduced and I have never had this problem until the past week.


      After discussion with Blurb support I generated a pdf and uploaded that to Blurb directly and bypassed LR. This uploads at twice the speed of LR (probably because it uses a local Blurb server whereas LR uses a US server) and completes immediately so there is no problem with my internet connection or my Blurb account; the problem is in the LR/Blurb communication.


      Yet another LR Book module problem to add to the very long list that need workarounds; the Book module would be fantastic if only it was reliable.