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    I can't use Lightroom Classic CC v.8 [was: CC] anymore


      After some sort of update Lightroom CC fails to open when I right click an image and attempt to "Open With" using Windows 10.  The program right now is completely useless and I can't find a way to contact Adobe to get some support, this is part of the photography plan and right now is extremely frustrating...  Thoughts?  Thanks, ralph

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic CC?


          What is the exact version NUMBER of your Lightroom. We need the version NUMBER and not words like "recent" or "latest".

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            Simon G E Garrett Level 3

            And what do you mean by '"Open With" using Windows 10'?  Do you mean open LR by clicking (or right-clicking) an image from Explorer?  As far as I know you've never been able to do that as you have to import an image into LR first.  I think I must have misunderstood, as that would hardly make the program completely useless, so perhaps you can explain more what you are doing, or trying to do.

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              Axel Matt Adobe Community Professional

              You can't open an image directly with Lightroom. You have to import the image in the Lightroom catalog first, then you can work with it.

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                ralphporzio Level 1

                Hi Everyone, thanks for the replies.  My LR version is Classic CC 8.0 For years I've been able to right click an image and  choose "Open With" and I'd be presented with all of the pictures from a particular folder on my SD card and I'd check which ones I want and then import.  Only recently (past 4-6 months) LR has slowed down considerably when opening an image(s) to the point where it now starts to open and the stops responding.  Every once in a while it will open the way I've always done it but lately it just spins uselessly.  I don't catalog my images just import/edit/export to folders on my hard drive and occasionally use the web gallery features.  I hope this helps.

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                  dj_paige Level 10

                  As stated above, Lightroom is not supposed to open photos with the Windows command "Open With". If it did work previously (as others have reported) it was a bug, and now it is a fixed bug meaning it can't be done.

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                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Technically speaking, the only file that Lightroom opens is the catalog. Images are imported or added as records or objects to the catalog, and all work performed in Lightroom is stored in the catalog. As I recall, some previous versions of Lightroom allowed the user to use the "open with" option to activate Lightroom with images. But that is not a proper utilization of Lightroom, and I believe that has been disabled in later versions.

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                      ralphporzio Level 1

                      Ok, so it looks like I'll have to relearn/adjust how I use this program.  To be clear, you open LR with a double click and then click on the import button to choose a source of the images then click import for the ones chosen.  Thanks for the help everyone.