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    Premiere Pro 2019 opens already frozen


      I started working on a new project this morning (created in Premiere 2019, not converted from 2018), and although it was crashing every 40-50 minutes, I was still able to put together a draft for an urgent project. However, when I was asked to make a small change to the draft, I opened Premiere Pro and it's straight up frozen.

      I've tried the basic PC restart and cache  clear-up but didn't help. I can't think of any other solutions since I can't make a single click in the app, and there is not much on google regarding the 2019 version.

      Did anybody else experience this and/or is there any solution?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          More information needed for someone to help... please click below and provide the requested information

          -Troubleshooting https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2261475

          -Premiere Pro Video Editing Information FAQ http://forums.adobe.com/message/4200840

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            Jerkwithacamera Level 1

            Yeah I am having the same issue with pretty much every project either created or converted or create new. It opens crashed (beach ball not responding) or if it opens nothing in the program responds (scrubbing the timeline or clicking on clips in the bin etc) and it crashes when i try and close it. I have rolled back to using 2018 but I too have a quick change that I need to make in a project that was made in 2019 and I am at this point looking at redoing the entire project in 2018 as I can't even get 2019 to export an XML

            Fresh install of Mac OS Sierra (literally MacOs and Creative cloud are the only thing installed)

            Imac 5k 27" 2017

            4.2 I7

            64GB 2400mhz ddr4

            Radeon Pro 580 8 Gig vidio card.

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              Jerkwithacamera Level 1

              Hey dipeshm30770252 I have found a work around to 'downgrade the project to let you open it in Premiere 2018. This is what I did to get my project for my quick change working.


              You can use this Unofficial tool to downgrade the project file  which should let you open it in Premiere 2018 Premiere Project Downgrader - Free prproj Version Convert  or if your project file is to big to convert via the web interface you can follow these steps to manually 'downgrade the project' software - How do I 'downgrade' an Adobe Premiere Pro project file to open in older versions? - Video Production Stack E…


              Both Totally worked for me so I can now ditch 2019 until it becomes useful. Shame on me for installing the latest version of Premiere (or early beta's as we call em around the studio here) but this will completely save my *** today so I hope it works for you!

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                dipeshm30770252 Level 1

                Hi, thank you for replying to this. I'm aware of this solution considering the amount of time I spent online for adobe bugs. This is a viable solution for my personal PC (and I never upgraded to 2019 at home). However, at the work place it's not that simple considering everything has to go through IT that works with ticket system and the marketing teem is required to make a small change for a project ASAP. See where I'm going with this?

                It's a new PC, just windows 10 and adobe installed, and it crashes anywhere between 1 to 10 minutes.

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                  dipeshm30770252 Level 1

                  Hi John,

                  Thank you for your reply. I've had a read through the pages you linked. The unofficial Premiere troubleshooter does include some good advice, but doesn't apply to many people. What I mean is that step 1 basically tells people to go get education and/or become experienced in IT. Luckly I checked these beforehand. The next steps are sometimes helpful, but at the workplace I am unable to remove securiy software for example.

                  Regarding the second link, here are some more details:

                  software: Premiere Pro CC v13.0

                  no recent updates, other than installing the CC 2019

                  OS: Windows 10 Pro 2017 on a PC (i7 8700, GTX 1080, 16Gb DDR3 RAM)

                  Source footage: h264 in mp4 container

                  no error messages, just not respnding

                  it is crashing in a variety of situations, from opening a project, like the one on this thread, to freezing when pressing play, or opening a bin, or dragging a file from bin to sequence, or adding an edit to a clip etc (this week it basically crased from every command in Premiere)

                  It's the same with or without other software open (just chrome and outlook anyway)

                  I have the same issues with GPU acceleraion CUDA and OpenCL and software only as well


                  Thank you again for your message and hope the problems with 2019 will be solved soon.

                  I managed to find an autosave version of the project that opens and continued with that one as I need to finish it asap. After that I will probably advise the IT to downgrade the adobe to 2018 for now.