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    Make all audio the same level

    MrLuck Level 1

      Hey folks, new editor here. I have an audio clip with parts that are too quiet, and parts that are too loud, is there a way to make ALL OF IT around the same level, let's say -3dB? I have been doing it so far by splitting and adjusting the rubber band or the audio gain on each section, but there has to be a better way... right?Audio help.png

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          NoLens Level 1

          What I tend to do is right/control click the clip in the Premiere timeline and Edit Clip in Adobe Audition.  There, I select all of the audio, and go to Effects>Amplitude and Compression>Hard Limiter.  On the window that pops up, I choose preset up top of Limit to -3dB in your case.  Once it computes, save it in Audition - the Save is what makes the change happen back in Premiere.  Once you're back in Premiere, it may take a few seconds for the change to register - you'll see the change in your audio clips' waveforms. Try that.  Hope it works for you!

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            MrLuck Level 1

            Thanks for the info. It can also be done with Audacity, but I'm looking for a way to do it solely on Premiere.

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              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Audacity isn't an auto-replace feature though. You need to export the sound then replace.


              As this is a Dynamic Link process between Adobe apps, it is auto-replace.


              To stay completely within Pr, just go to the Effects panel, and type in "compre " and you'll see Obsolete folder (best ignored), and the Multi-, Single- and Tube-modeled compressor options.



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                Mo Moolla Adobe Community Professional

                Get into Audition and use the Normalise function


                This will smoothen out the peaks



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                  bucksommerkamp Adobe Community Professional

                  One of the last steps in my projects is to go into the Audio Track Mixer and add some "radio leveler" or "tube-modeled compressor" effects to the master track. It helps smooth out the whole production. I realize you're looking for tighter control than that, but this is a nice top-level process that makes the finished product sound like it's ready for broadcast.


                  Learn the basics of the Premiere Pro Audio Track Mixer

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                    bens840 Level 1

                    Another way to quickly smoothen the levels of individual clips is using the new "essential sound" panel.

                    I personally don't like using it because i'm an audio guy and it gives me little control but it seems to me that you are looking for a quick solution.

                    The essential sound panel is exactly that, a very easy-to-use and quick way to e.g. adjust levels of individual (or multiple) clips. Give it a try


                    BTW another quick way to adjust a clip's level is marking the clip in question and hitting g! A bit less finnicky than doing it in the timeline or in the clip mixer IMO

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                      R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      When you use the ESP, to "get more control", just go to the ECP ... and you can open each tool used by the ESP and change settings.



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                        Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        I would go into the Essential Sound Panel.

                        Select all clips

                        Hit SFX

                        Auto match for loudness.

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                          MrLuck Level 1

                          Wow, so many suggestions, thank you all! I actually found a way that seems to work so far, I will update here if I find a problem with it eventually (or you guys could tell me if it's a bad idea):


                          Audio Track Mixer > click the white arrow on the top left > in the new area that appeared, above the column named Master (for the effect to apply in all tracks), click on one of the black arrows pointing down > Amplitude and Compression > Dynamics > check the Limiter box > set Threshold to -3dB (the desired maximum dB).

                          Then I use Gain (G) on the track until it's close to -3dB. Now everything sounds pretty levelled to my untrained ears.


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                            RobShultz Adobe Community Professional

                            One more suggestion. Select all clips that you would like to change or:

                            (Ctrl A Windows or Cmd A MAC) right click on ant clip and choose audio gain/normalize all peaks. I recommend -8