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    Adobe Acrobat Standard XI - Open Recent Files

    zizzy2005 Level 1

      I recently had to uninstall & reinstall Adobe Acrobat Standard XI because of an issue with the adobe printer not working.  Prior to the un-install, I had an "open" button to the left of the "create" button on the quick tools toolbar.  However, after the re-install the "open" button is now gone.  - Please note: I am not talking about the file folder icon to the right of the "create" button.  The one on the left would pull up a list of about 50 of the most recently opened pdfs & I could even search the list to find the file I needed.


      Anyway, does anyone know how to turn on this "button"?


      This is a screen shot of adobe showing the "open" button that I am talking about:

      acrobat menus - with open button.JPG

      and here is a screen shot of what the quick tools looks like after the re-install:

      acrobat menus - without open button.JPG