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    SUB-par import is acting crazy and driving me that way!


      I have the strangest problem with subtitles in premiere pro. I created a series of five minute films with closed caption subtitles and exported them as movies and separate .srt files. Uploaded them to youtube and added the srt files through youtube. All was well. Later I made 1 minute edits of the same films in premiere, creating new closed caption subtitles and exported and uploaded to youtube just as before. Again all was well.


      Three months later I've gone back to the project tasked with swapping some footage in the five minute videos. In premiere the five minute films in their various sequences have been overwritten with the 1 minute subtitles. Different text and shorter run times.

      (I made the one minute closed captions as new sub files, no cutting and pasting or duplication from the 5 minute versions and with different naming.)


      So then I tried importing the original 5 minute .srt files, (exported 3 months before), which still upload and read correctly in youtube, (I checked) and on import the file is somehow replaced with the 1 minute subtitle version, different text and length again.


      Next I tried starting a new project, renaming the .srt file before import and still the file reads incorrectly as the 1 minute version.

      SO somewhere in the .srt file there must be a trigger making premiere interpret it as an entirely separate subtitle clip even though youtube and VLC reads it correctly.

      How in Gods name is this even possible!


      Anyone else encountered this bizarre behaviour!

      many thanks paul

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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What specific dot version of PR are you running now? Have you updated along the way? There have been a number of changes since 2017.


          Yes, very odd. Try this. Create a new test project. Add one of the video assets and create a timeline from it. Now import one of the 5 minute srts. What do you get?


          I'd be happy to look at the srts. I can think of at least 2 things that could be problems: the framerate PR is applying on import; corrupt project.

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