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    Combining Catalogs w/ Caveat


      I'm clear on being able to import from a second catalog, but here's the caveat. For some mysterious reason I somehow ended up with a partition on my startup (Macintosh HD) titled "Pictures". I'm very deliberate about creating partitions, don't claim to have a photographic memory, but am confident I would remember doing something so specific with Pictures. I could import the catalog linked to the folder(s) within this Pictures partition, but then I limit myself to the available space on that partition. I wish to park all folders from this Pictures partition on an external drive, delete the Pictures partition, adding that storage space to the remainder of the startup drive, then move those files back to the Pictures folder on the startup drive. I'd like to do all this without losing my Develop settings in the catalog to these images associated with the older Pictures partition. When I open this older catalog in LR after changing the directory structure as described, will LR ask me if I want to point it to a new location? If so, I can then bring that forward, then open the other catalog and import from this revised older catalog. Thanks for advising.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If I'm following you correctly, all that would be necessary is for you to copy everything from that second partition to the external hard drive. What would be ideal is if everything in that partition was organized within one master folder although that isn't absolutely necessary. Then you could place those images where you want them in the other partition. I think I would do this before you eliminate the partition. When you open Lightroom, it will still show the images in the old location. If you have those images organized within one master folder, just right-click on that master folder in the library module and choose the option to update the folder location and point Lightroom to the new location and the other partition. That will immediately switch Lightroom to the other partition. Then you can do whatever you want with the other one.


          If you end up having to move the folder(s) then Lightroom is going to indicate that the folders are missing. All that is necessary then is to right-click on the folders and update the folder location and point Lightroom to the new location.

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            davidg36166309 Level 4

            To create a partitiopn on your MAC HD, do you not have to go thru a few hoops to get to that? Cant be done from LR. Now below is a screen shot from my MACBook, of Finder, focused on My internal, and expanded out to my Pictures FOLDER: Do you mean folder instead of partition?



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              BenjyvC Level 1

              Indeed, it's not a folder, but a partition, see attached, Pictures shows up as a volume under Locations (also shows in Disk Utility), the Pictures folder has a totally different set of files inside. I have no idea how this came about, but I'm sure of one thing, it's not worth loosing sleep over trying to figure it out, gladly move on with rectifying the situation. Thanks to both of you above.Directory.jpg