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    LR CC Classic crashes right after startup


      Hey there,


      my LR CC CLassic (V 7.5 and all other versions later 7.2) began to crash right after startup today - I didn't change anything in my system, no new drivers, no new software, no change in preferences. It's just horrible, can't work with that - I even can't open any menus in LR, it crashes too quick after start.


      Things I tried:
      - installed all the latest drivers

      - calibrated the monitor

      - rebooted the system (was the first I tried)
      - disabled gpu support in lr manually

      - disconnected all network drives

      - tried a new cataloge

      - tried different cataloges


      now I downgraded LR to 7.2 and this one works... But that's not the solution I need.


      Any1 expecting same errors ?