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    AIR in Flash CS3 Pro - interface issue

      I'm hoping this forum is a way to give some feedback about AIR. I've just installed the AIR update for Flash CS3 Professional (Windows Vista). The dialog box for the Application and Installer Settings is too large vertically to fit on the screen. It's cut off at the bottom. Can't see anything below the horizontal scroll bar along the bottom of the "Included files" list. My screen size is 1024 x 768. Had the same problem in Beta 2. Wish I had posted feedback about it then (I assumed it was such an obvious bug that it would have already been caught).
      I can't see what buttons are at the bottom of the dialog. The only way I can use the dialog is to just press "Enter" on my keyboard after I've made my choices.
      Other than this, I'm really enjoying AIR.
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          san_flash Level 2
          Hi David,
          Thanks for the feedback. It's never too late because we can change this in the next release of Flash (that also includes AIR support). However, I'm unable to reproduce the problem on Vista with 1024x768 screen resolution. The dialog still fits in the screen at this resolution. We'll shrink it down for the next release. Please let me know if you're using the Flash build that is not English.