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    Problem Importing from Different Catalog


      I'm trying to import LR Classic CC photos from a different catalog. The link How to import photos from Photoshop Elements, other Lightroom Classic CC catalogs, or apps such as iPhoto in Lightroom C… offers instruction, but doesn't work as described. It used to work in earlier LR Classic CC versions. It's how I used to transfer a working catalog from my laptop in the the field to my desktop upon return. Something has gone awry.


      According to the subsection 'Import photos from a different lightroom classic cc catalog', step 4, there are supposed to be 3 options in the File Handling drop down menu: add new photos to catalog without moving; copy new photos to a new location and import; don't import photos to a new location. The 2nd option (copy new photos...) doesn't exist in the real world, i.e., when I try to execute this import.


      So, I'm seeking a workaround, or solution to this error in the Photoshop 'user guide'. Any suggestions?