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    Printing in LR Classic CC Broken Again: Colors Way Off


      I had an issue back in 2017 with the color rendition when printing from LR being way off.  I fixed it back then, but it's back again.  This time I can't apply the same fix due to a change in how Epson is delivering icc profiles.  They are now within a package on my Mac and don't show up within LR as an option to pick when choosing "Other" from the print profile dropdown menu.  I noticed this as an issue when my Epson icc profiles were no longer available to select.  I opened up the icc profiles package and copied the profiles I wanted into the ColorSync profiles folder.  Now they show up within LR but the printing problem is the same.  It appears as if LR is using a generic RGB printer profile.  The only way I can print now is to export out of LR and import the image into Photos on my Mac.  The prints from there turn out perfect.  I tried editing the image in Photoshop to print from there, but PS can't even connect up with my printer, so I'm stuck.

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          tomn75804597 Level 1

          I just solved this problem.  I deleted the printer in System Preferences and then re-added it.  For some reason, that caused LR to be able to see the icc profiles within the package.  Now when I opened up the Print Profile dropdown menu, all of those icc profiles were available.  I selected the icc profiles at the top Library level and deselected those that were in my user library within the ColorSync Profiles folder.  Now printing is working again.  This is truly bizarre behavior.

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            Jeff Schewe Level 5



            It sounds like you have the "Air Print" version of the Epson driver installed instead of the full featured version. Delete the print driver in Printers & Scanners then re-add the driver and make sure you use the drop down menu to pick the model specific version of the driver not Air Print. That will allow LR to see the profiles...