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    Re-import from Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 causes new collection in LR CC Classic

    rrrad Level 1

      Ever since this last update, I have had this problem, which while minor is a real pain in the butt when I want to edit several individual photos exported from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Classic. I export the photo (in this case individual photos) as usual using the right-click menu in Lightroom Export to HDR Efex Pro2), then apply my changes in HDR Efex 2, then click save. Now, unlike before where the result went directly to the "All Photographs" collection and immediately viewable in the filmstrip along the bottom of the screen, next to the original photo, it now appears there quickly, but just as quickly a new filmstrip appears as "Collection: November 24, 2018, etc" with just the one file viewable in it. In order to have it displayed in the All Photographs collection, I have to select "All Photographs" and then I can go to the next export, adding a few clicks everytime to my process. Since there is not a batch mode for single files to HDR Efex Pro 2, this adds multiple clicks and a few seconds to every photo that I process in this manner. How can I make this stop and go back to the normal way it worked previously to the update?


      Thanks in advance!


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