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    movement and network latency


      This isnt neccessarily a question on Lingo, but I am writing my game in Shockwave. But I've just been searching for books, articles or tutorials written about the pitfalls and tricks of key based movement in an MMO. I have currently implemented a 'mouse-click to move' movement, whilst being able to rotate the camera with the keys. This was fine for a prototype stage. But now I also want to give the user the choice of this style of movement, but also using the mouse to rotate the camera, and the arrow keys for the actual movement.

      Its just there are obviously going to be more network events passed back and forth, which brings network latency issues to deal with, client graphics slowdown, ensuring everything syncs, etc. And I wanted to do a bit of research first, before embarking on designing and coding the new movement system. I have found some books online which mentions Movement and syncing, but no real in depth discussion, that fully explains the pitfalls to watch out for.

      Does anyone know of any good books, for the development of MMO's? Possibly in Lingo, but this isnt as important. I know this isnt a very precise description, but there are just so many books out there, I was wondering if youve got any favourites. And any that go into depth on the issues related to Movement.

      Thanks in advance,