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    LR Deleted Files

    R. Harris

      I had files from a shoot last week in a cat. now half the images are gone. They are not just "missing" they are not in the source folder either, but they were there a few days ago. I edited a few and the edited .Tiffs are still in the folder just not the matching originals, plus many more. I have done a search for them on my system but it's like they never existed. Yes the previews are still in the Cat. Anybody else experience this? This also happen to a fellow photographer a few weeks ago.

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          marer1976 Adobe Community Professional

          Are you saying that you can see previews of your images in the Library Module and there is no exclamation mark on them?


          When you right-click on them and choose Show in Finder (Explorer), what happens?

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            LR does NOT Delete files without user input and if that user input does delete files they no longer remain in the catalog file, IE you would not see them in the library module.


            So it is Not LR. But I don't doubt you have some images that have gone missing, been deleted from your hard drives. You need to look elsewhere. Viruses and Malware can cause this to happen or it could be User Error.


            I suspect that fellow photographer is suffering from the same Virus or Malware as you are or has made the same mistake and accidentally deleted those image files.

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              marer1976 Adobe Community Professional

              Exactly, Lightroom can't delete images itself. The user will need to delete them either in Lightroom (you won;t see them in Library anymore) or outside Lightroom (you'll still see previews in Library but you'll get exclamation marks

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                R. Harris Level 1

                Ok here is the situation.. First, thanks for the replies... I have a Cat. that contained all the images 2 days ago. I've worked on some of these files. Which when imported back from PS creates a new file with the "-edit" added to file name. Lets say there were 100 images in this gallery and folder, as of yesterday about 30 are missing, gone, vanished like they never existed. The preview is still there, of course with the exclamation mark, and the edited versions of the few I edited are still there but the originals are gone. I have over 10 years experience using Adobe products and have never had this happen before, so this one perplexed me. I ran a scan and no virus or malware is present. Yesterday was a shoot day so I never returned to the cat. or folder after working with it 2 days ago. If I had deleted them they would still be in my trash which still contains images deleted well before this incident.


                Side note*** When I reached out to my friend it turns out his wasn't missing his Cat. and some images were corrupted.... He said to me I have a few files missing so I assumed it was the same thing.....

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                  davidg36166309 Level 4

                  So, a preview is still in the catalog? Is that a preview of the RAW file? And it displays ?


                  right click on it, select to show in finder (MAC, explorer WIN). What drive, what folder, what subfolder was it supposed to be in?


                  if the RAW was kept on an external hard drive, was that drive shared in collaboration with you friend? Did it get connected to another computer, and the files deleted then?


                  and where is your complete full copy of everything, catalog, and images? Hopefully on an external hard drive