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    duplexing picture package

    sheryld Level 1

      Hello from Canada, I have been using lightroom 4.4 to print hockey cards for our minor hockey teams, I have an okidata printer and I have printed one side turn over and print the second side everything works good.


      I now have an hp printer CP4025dn that is able to print two sides automatically,


      The problem I have is that when I use my picture package setup that uses the 2.5 x 3.5 cell (eight of them) for the front and try and do a second page with the backs I cannot get the picture (back of card) for the second page to go in the second page both pages use the same selected image,


      Is there some setting that will allow me to have a selected image for page one and a second selected image for page two?


      Using the duplexing  that the printer offers would same a lot of time and they seem to line up better front to back


      Thanks for any and all input