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    Keyboard shortcut preferences trashed on every update


      This is a plea to developers of Premiere. Please can you sort out the issue where preferences get lost every time I do an upgrade (once a year roughly). This doesn't happen with After Effects but with Premiere I lose my keyboard settings.


      Can you not simply copy over the preferences from the previous version? Even using the 'sync settings now' doesn't do anything. As someone who has come from FCP7, fine tuning the keyboard to how I want has many settings to refine, and in the 8 years of using this programme I've had to repeat it every year.

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          Averdahl Adobe Community Professional

          For now you can either open the Keyboard Shorcut dialog and see if you can find your shortcuts in the Keyboard Layout Preset.


          If that won´t work, use Finder to find the *.kys file and move it manually to the folder that looks like this on Windows: C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\13.0\Profile-UserName\Win (Not sure yet about the Mac equivalent.)


          If i remember correctly when i upgrade i got a dialog that asked me if i wanted to transfer the Preferences from CC 2018 to CC 2019 and when i did everything worked as expected and i could use my shortcuts. It was the first time i saw this happen.

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            carolinesears Adobe Employee

            Hey FlyDigital,

            Here's the paths for the .kys files! I also believe what Averdahl said is true about transferring preferences between CC 2018 and 2019, although I haven't done it myself so I don't know 100% for sure.


            The location of the customized keyboard shortcuts file depends on whether you've signed in to  Creative Cloud Sync Settings in Premiere Pro CC or not.Signed into Creative Cloud Sync Settings

            • Win: Users\[user name]\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\[version]\Profile-CreativeCloud-\Win\
            • Mac: Users/[user name]/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Pro/[version]/Profile-CreativeCloud-/Mac/

            Signed out of Creative Cloud Sync Settings

            • Win: Users\[user name]\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\[version]\Profile-username\Win\
            • Mac: Users/[user name]/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Pro/[version]/Profile-username/Mac/



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