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    Extra characters in all Export Presets

    Rick Baumhauer Level 1

      I'm in the final steps of setting up a new Mac, and just went to the Export panel in Lightroom Classic CC after copying over my presets from my old computer. All of the presets, including those installed by Adobe by default (even after resetting via Preferences), include two spaces after the period that should separate the filename from the file extension, followed by the extension of the original file (tiff, jpg, dng, etc), two more periods, then the correct extension for the export (see attached screenshot). I don't think I looked at the Export panel before copying over my presets from the old computer, so I don't know if this was happening before I did that.


      Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 12.38.06 PM.png

      If I try to edit any preset, the extra characters are still there after I eliminate all text created by the custom naming options.


      Any idea what might be causing this and how to fix?