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    Premiere crashes in Tutorial Project

    nmF14 Level 1

      Premiere started crashing recently. Last video I did 2 months ago in PP 2018 had numerous effects, color grading, masks, speed ramping, sound was scrubbed in Audition and text edited in After Effects. All worked fine with no issues whatsoever.


      Fastforward to now, I can’t put two simple clips together on a timeline without having a glitch. Its glitchy when playing back, at times it won’t playback at all, at times it crashes altogether. I uninstalled 2019 and reinstalled 2018. Reset preferences. Same thing. Just to see if maybe the problem is the clip itself I launched the Premiere Pro Tutorial Project and it crashed after 1 minute.  See pictures attached.


      There is no way I could do one video with heavy editing 2 months ago and can’t put three clips together now in their own Tutorial Project.