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    Converting movie to new frame rate

      Does anyone know if there are there any tools that will convert an FLA from one frame rate to another and scale the movie's elements accordingly so that relative timings are preserved?
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          having the same problem, I think. My client has a small laptop, and he claims that his computer display adapter cannot run my Flash movie without making gaps in the embedded video (video flickers).

          The video is an timeline-embedded flv with 25 fps and the Flash movie document frame rate is also 25fps. I have exported it as an Windows projector. There are two videos running at a stage simultaneously, and the larger one is, according to my client, flickering. I had no such problems with my computer and/or my old Windows XP computer.

          I'm trying to decrease the frame rate of my fla-file to overcome the problem, but it leads to problems: all the animations slow down when I decrease the frame rate. So am I just forced to manually remove frames between animations to make them look as they were?

          Any solution to decrease the framerate of the fla-file and keep the original speed of animations and/or video?