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    Stratus vs FMS for Video Conferencing

      1-2-1 video conferencing over FMS is patchy at best, with variable latency in particular a problem. How much of an improvement does Stratus offer? Is this a Skype killer?
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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee
          We believe that using the end-to-end capabilities of RTMFP for one-to-one applications can be a significant improvement over RTMP client-server-client in the latency department, particularly when using Speex audio in live, unbuffered mode.

          Please try it for yourself. We think you'll like it.

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            I have developped a small application based on the video sample provided by your labs and I do agree that in terms of latency it is infinitely better that using a media server, but one thing that bothers me is the loss of possibility to communicate behind corporate firewalls.
            For example in my (big) company, outgoing UDP traffic is allowed only on some ports and not others (and lambda users do not have the right to change this policy), this kills any possibility to use RTMFP.
            The way google's videochat fixes this is to perform STUN on a variety of ports (but I suspect they first exchange some messages through TCP to negociate the ip@&ports couples to try, this allows to also bypass a corporate proxy which would discard UDP traffic).

            Do you guys envision the possibility to connect to the Stratus server via another mean than UDP in order to setup some kind of STUN behaviour, in order to allow two computers within a corporate network to communicate? or at least to try connecting from a range of local ports?
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              Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee
              i can't talk about any future plans, but Flash Player 10.0 does support TURN (draft-ietf-behave-turn-08, which was current as Flash Player 10.0 went to press), with no authentication. it can be set by adding the line "RTMFPTURNProxy=<ProxyNameOrAddr>" to your mms.cfg file (please see Flash Player documentation for the location of mms.cfg on your platform). for example, if your proxy were called "turn.example.com", you would set "RTMFPTURNProxy=turn.example.com". you can also specify by IP address.


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                Inderjit Level 1

                p2p in flash is very good , works like phone. We tested it using adobe stratus service with 3-4 users on 256kbps connection.The only problem is that some users were not able to hear others . I think some port problem may be there .