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    CFFTP GetFile Error 550

    leatherjeep Level 1
      Okay, so we're trying to use the CFFTP tag to get a file from a secure, remote FTP server, and copy it onto a directory in our webserver using this code:

      directory = "/array1/plasma"

      (we've replaced confidential information in the above code).

      Now our CF template is throwing this error:

      An error occurred during the FTP getFile operation.

      Error: 550 Filename: No such file or directory

      It's saying the error is on the line for LocalFile, but our filepath is correct.

      The file does exist on the remote FTP server.

      I can't seem to find anything on this on the web either.

      Can anyone help?

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          Level 7
          iirc, 'directory' attribute is not supported with action="getFile"...
          try using cfftp with changeDir action first to change to the dir of
          remotefile, and then run cfftp action='getFile' ...

          Azadi Saryev
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            leatherjeep Level 1
            Nope, that's not it....

            After opening my connection I added the line you mentioned:

            <cfftp action="changeDir" connection="movefiles" directory="/array1/plasma">

            and CF throws this error:

            An error occurred during the FTP changeDir operation.

            Error: 550 /array1/plasma: No such file or directory .

            However, if I add a listdir for the same directory before the changedir line, CF processes that, so the directory is definitely there, now it's just kicking back on the actual changedir line, and of course, never makes it to the getfile command:

            <cfftp action="listdir" connection="movefiles" name="dirquery" directory="/array1/Plasma">

            <cfftp action="changeDir" connection="movefiles" directory="/array1/plasma">
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              Yoosaf Abdulla Level 1

              Hi leatherjeep,


              I had exactly same issue as your. I just rechecked the folder name in the remote server and someone had updated it. Once i changed that in my code everything worked smooth.