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    HEIC image import into Lightroom Classic produce xmp sidecars?


      Hi all,

      maybe someone can shed light on this. I use the Lightroom App on my iPhone and Lightroom Classic (latest version) on my mac.


      I realized that when I import .HEIC files into Lightroom Classic, it creates 2 files in the Masters folder: an .HEIC file and an .xmp sidecar file. My understanding is that HEIC can handle all the metadata in the file and does not need as sidecar. Is there a way to get Lightroom to consolidate this correctly?

      I've tried importing directly into Lightroom Classic or via the iPhone App and CC with the same result.

      I understand that I can tick "write to xmp" in the settings of Lightroom Classic - but even then, the moment you change any Metadata, a new xmp file gets created.


      Many thanks and best regards,