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    Problems saveing to avi but not swf

      hey all! I did a search around the forum but i dont believe i saw a previous thread like this but im sure i missed it. so a pre-emptive sorry. anyways onto the reason for this post.
      My husband and i just got cs3. And I was playing around trying to find out how to green screen. I found a tutorial on youtube but it doesnt cover saveing. Anyways i went to export it but the only thing that works is .swf . If i export it as avi or mov neither save it correctly. they both seem to just save the image and not the animation ontop of it. And unfortunately youtube.com doesn't accept swf to upload. I was hopeing you all would know what im doing wrong and how to save it to a youtube friendly file. for the most part avi or mov.
      To make the movie. I used keylight in after effects to get the green screen then saved as a flv then opend it in flash
      and imported the picture. then layed down the playable movie file and then tried to export it. dunno why nothing else is working but swf. but im a complete newb so im not surprised this baffles me. anyways thanks so very much to anyone who can help!!!!!!! or if im makeing it wrong can you point me in the right direction to edit green screens. but ive been working on this for about 3 days trying persistantly to make it work or convert it but nada. anyways ty in advance