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    Importing Problem

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      Hi - I feel like something has changed in import recently.  I am trying to copy images from my SD card to my external HD.  I am organizing by date.  Normally it would drop them into the folder on my external HD with the capture date, but now it creates 2 folders, one the year, and then a sub folder with the capture date.  I don’t want the year folder - I’ve already created that one on my external HD.  I just want the capture date.  Please see screenshots.  Anyone know how to make the extra 2018 folder go away?

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            Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 5.45.33 PM (2).png


            Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 5.43.11 PM (2).png

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              Hi brearob,


              According to the screen shot you provides, you are using the "yyyy/mm-dd" template for the organize by date method.  when you organize by date, LR creates and manages folders based on the selected template starting with whichever folder you pick further down in the destination section.  In your case the "yyyy/mm-dd" template is designed to create a Year folder under whatever folder you selected and within that folder it will create a Month-Day folder for the images based on capture date.  You selected 2018 as the destination folder so LR wants to create another 2018 folder inside of your existing 2018 folder. 


              To prevent this, instead of selecting "2018" on your 4TB drive as the destination, select the 4 TB Drive itself.  As you already have a 2018 folder there it will just create the month-day folder(s) as needed under the existing year folder (presumably 2018) or if there is not currently a year folder (i.e your first import next year) it will create the year folder for you.


              Hope that helps.-- Dan

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                Oh, thank you Dan!  Now I see that I just had accidentally clicked on the wrong date option in the drop down menu.    ♀️  Thanks for your help!