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    File size fillable Adobe PDF form

    traceyc28668387 Level 1

      I created a fillable Adobe PDF form and reduced the file size while saving the document, the size is 1800 KB in my document folder.  The size jumps up to 2 MB when emailing the form and I can't figure out why that would be.  I'm using Outlook.  Any suggestions? Thanks

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Nothing is changing the actual size of the PDF file itself. The discrepancy generally has to do with what any particular program or operating system (or even hardware manufacturer) considers a K (kilobyte) or M (megabyte) to be as well as how such components do round offs.


          K as in kilo stands for 1000. But in terms of storage, 1KB most often refers to 1024 bytes, i.e. 2 to the 10th power. The discrepancy may be small for 1KB, but for larger KB values, that discrepancy becomes quite real. The same is true for M used for megabytes. 1MB typically refers to 1024KB, not 1000KB or even 1,000,000 bytes, but rather 1,048,576 bytes. Plus, converting a number from KB to MB probably involves some rounding that results in 2MB.


          Bottom line is that there is nothing to worry about. The recipient of your e-mail will not see a file any different from what you sent.


                    - Dov

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            traceyc28668387 Level 1

            Phew!  That was confusing, but then you had me a nothing to worry about lol 

            Thank you!!!