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    D11 Text Engine - Show stopper

    Martin Schaefer Level 1
      D11 for me is a complete "no go", as long as the following isn't fixed:

      1. I don't seem to get text kerning to work at all!!!
      2. Many fonts don't render anti-aliased in text editor
      3. Text not changed on stage while editing in text editor
      4. Rotate text to say 30° and watch it on stage *sigh*
      5. Standard Anti-Alias setting "Auto" leaves many fonts
      completely un-aliased. (have to manually change to "subpixel all").

      (using D11, Windows XP 32bit)

      I doubt, developers will accept this text engine in its current state.

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          Chunick Level 3
          That's no all. Try rotating an image... the same lack of anti aliasing happens on images, but if it has a filter effect added the effect is properly anti aliased - go figure.

          ** edit **
          - ok, so the lesson is don't try glows when testing for antialiasing... I set up a sprite rotation animation, and the image and glow effect both were NOT antialiased... doesn't Flash allow for smooth, anti-aliased image animation?... I would have expected that sort of addition to the D11 engine.
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            Script editor doesn't display some fonts properly either.
            I normally use Lucida Console -- it's blocky and unreadable.