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    PP 2019 Preview Lags only the first 15 seconds


      Good Day Community,

      I don´t know whwat i can do anymore, so i started this thread and I hope to get some help from other users, which maybe have the same problem.

      My Problem is the following:

      Every time I edit a sequence which is a bit more complicated for the computer, it starts to lag, but not constantly. It only lags the first 10 to 15 seconds and after that it becomes better and better until its finally smooth. And after that it isn#t lagging again, provided i dont hit the pause button. So it´s working totally fine but only after 15 seconds. I really wonder why, and hope to get some help.

      I run the latest Premiere pro ony my 970 pro ssd. Here is my setup, but i dont think performance is a problem because its working after 15 seconds as it should, but anyways:

      My Setup:

      CPU: AMD Threadripper 2950X (runs at 60° Max.)

      GPU: gtx 1080 TI 11GB (gigabyte aorus)

      RAM: 32 GB - Gskill 3200mhz

      Hard Disk: Samsung 970 pro 512 GB, one 4 TB HDD which isnt involved in premiere pro.


      Premiere Pro is running with mercury Enginge with CUDA enabled, also tried the only Software option which even makes it worse.

      All the copmponents arent overeating (proved with several Programs).

      The usage of the hard disks isnt unnormal.


      The Cpu is hittng 70 - 90 % usage and the Gpu 15% at the first seconds when it lags and after that it uses 35% when it gets smoother.


      i Hope there is anyone who could help me. (btw. sorry for my bad english, I am from Germany)

      Thank you very much for every single answer!

      mfg Luca