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    Syncing Lightroom CC to Lightroom Classic CC

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      I updated my Lightroom CC to the last version for syncing with mobile. It asked me to create a new catalog for that updated app which I said yes to. The good thing was that my Lightroom CC pictures were syncing with my Lightroom classic CC. BUT seeing that it deleted some of my photos from my initial catalog, I deleted the new one and used my old one. But now, my pictures from Lightroom CC are not downloading on Lightroom classic CC. How can I resolve that ?




      - when I updated Lightroom classic CC: creation of new catalog + photos missing from catalog + downloading of pictures from Lightroom CC to Lightroom classic CC worked


      - After deleting new catalog: Lightroom classic CC uploading to Lightroom CC worked + Lightroom CC downloading (syncing) with Lightroom classic CC didn't work anymore



      Hope I am clear about the situation haha !


      Thanks for your help.