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    Installation Problem Flash try-out

      Last Sunday I downloaded the trial version of Flash Professional CS3.
      I started the installation, but it didn't finish, without any notification.
      The Add Programs window of the Control Panel showed an entry for Adobe Flash, but with no size spec at the back. Apparently nothing was happening. When I click the Change/Remove button nothing happens either.

      Today I started setup.exe again. After some time a Norton window appeared showing that a downloader virus was found: b128.exe. So I turned off the File system realtime protection and started setup again.
      I started setup-exe again. Now I get a message that i can only install one Adobe product at a time and I have to finish the first one first.

      The entry in the Add progams window still exists. Nothing happens.

      Can anybody tell me what to do?
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          OK. Almost the same problem here. I've started installation, the "unpacking" pop-up came out and after it finished unpacking... nothing happened. I've tried for several times but it's just the same - nothing. And yes - I found it in "add/remove programs" without size or anything else. And can't uninstall. My colleague has the same problem but not with try-out but with original program bought from some PC shop...
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            Not sure if this is your problem exactly, but I recently had some problems installing free trial versions...only to find out that because I had already downloaded the trial version sometime in the past (like 2 years ago!), the Adobe rep told me I can never install another free trial of that program...without reformatting my hard drive.