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    FlashPaper2 hangs

    maxelcat Level 1

      I have windowsxp and studio 8. FlashPaper2 often hangs when I try to convert a word doc. It doesn't matter if I try to do it with the word doc open or from the Flashpaper 2 window (by drag and drop) or by right clicking the word file.

      Anyone got any ideas?


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          I'm also having the same problem. It worked some time ago and then stopped working completetly. the dialogue comes up saying it is converting, but never finishes. I have reinstalled Contribute 3 or 4 times, done a repair installation and still the problem persists.
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            maxelcat Level 1
            I haven't managed to get a fix for this at all. I have reinstalled a couple of times. In the end it just started to work. I found tthat if I do CNTR alt del and go to process and stop word from running that it would then work. Hardly an elegant solution, but at least it got me running again,
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              paceit Level 1
              I have not been able to get it to work at all. I always have to kill the process off in the end. I can only assume there is a driver problem or conflict somewhere, but no diagnostics that I know of.