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    Low quality example Flex applications at flex.org

    Ansury Level 3
      Given that the "Flex Forums" link on flex.org links here, I figured this was an appropriate place to voice concerns.

      Did I just have some extraordinary bad luck or do many of the applications at http://flex.org/showcase/ leave much to be desired?

      I tried out 4-5 different apps and I didn't find one that didn't have some kind of major problem or annoyance. Either they:

      1) Loaded way too slow - this could be forgivable, but not if you get a black, FULL-SCREEN window that gives you zero feedback about whether it's even working/loading, and no way to back out of the app. ("Google Web Desktop" did this, and it was exceptionally annoying just trying to exit out of this app that took over my system in fullscreen.) I won't even post a link to this one because it had the feel of a virus when it "took over" control of my system and it wasn't clear how to exit. This is the worst sin of them all.

      2) The app decided to "hide" the normal IE toolbars (very annoying). http://www.mindomo.com/

      3) Flex Data Services communication error alert dialogs. That's pretty self explanitory. http://taggraph.com/

      4) Can't even login to the "demo", although the username and password to use are right next to the login fields. I even tried to copy/paste them in. Still "wrong password" - did I miss something? http://www.appointmentsystems.com/demo.htm

      I'm sure we could go on and on...

      Given that I found about one (maybe two) apps that actually seemed to work as advertised, not only is this embarrassing as a Flex developer trying to promote the technology, but it makes Flex.org worthless in promoting it. I'm not about to send people to the site knowing that half of the example apps in the "showcase" are essentially broken and/or highly annoying. Putting "beta" after the name doesn't help -- people, and even potential developers, will just think that Flex is crap.

      Perhaps the problem is simply a lack of quality control posting apps on Flex.org, I don't know. But many "examples" have been like this for quite some time now and I'm getting conerned that it's going to ruin the technology's chances at becoming mainstream.

      I don't mean to be a troll or a jerk, but whoever is in control of that weird website (flex.org - there is no "about" page that I can see telling us who the source/controller is?) should really take another look at it's design and quality. Even the front page isn't very professional looking, IMO... if this is an Adobe controlled website... please fix?
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          Hi Ansury,

          Flex.org is a sit run by the Flex Community and not by Adobe. Anybody can sign in and upload an application (may it be buggy or incomplete). You can register on the app and provide your comments there to the admin of the application (which is not Adobe, but a user group champion)

          But, I tried what you had mentioned on a IE7 browser on my Windows XP and here are my observations:

          1) The app did not go full screen for me... it just popped up another window and another app inside it. As a security measure (against the very thing which you were talking about ("because it had the feel of a virus when it "took over" control of my system and it wasn't clear how to exit.") Flash player does not allow the developer to go full screen with out the user's acceptance. What you saw was just a popup (usual maximized browser popup) which can be closed using the close button on the top right.

          2) Here again the app "hides the normal IE toolbars" because it is doing the same as (1) making a browser popup.

          3) I didnt get any errors on this app. Do you have a workflow through which I can get the error.

          4) You were spot on with the appointment systems demo and the test logins dont work