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    Sporadic PDF Corruption When Attached to Outlook 2016 Email


      Hello, I have found a few threads on this issue but did not really see any solution.  I have a user that is having sporadic PDF corruption when attaching to Outlook 2016 email and sending externally.  We are using Acrobat DC 2015.006.30457 on Windows 10 1709 and Outlook 2016 (16.0.4738.1000).



      The pdf sometimes becomes corrupted while in the Outlook drafts folder and sometimes get corrupted upon send. The same pdf will go through fine on the second attempt at emailing to the same recipients.



      What we've tried so far:

      -Had Exchange Admin trace the email and the attachments look like they are corrupt even before it leaves Exchange

      -Disabled all Outlook Addins

      -Gave user a new login and Outlook MAPI profile
      -Replaced machine (twice)
      -Replaced all her Ethernet cable and phone
      -Patched her network port to another port on the switch
      -Moved her mailbox to a different database



      Any ideas as to the cause?  There are no events logged in event viewer when the pdf gets corrupted.  Running procmon on the user's machine is not really viable because the issue is so sporadic and not easily reproducible.