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    DTM to Launch Migration Using same DTM production Embed code?

    rounakk99577173 Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      My client wants to migrate from DTM to Launch but they want to use the same DTM prod embed code in launch by creating production environment in Launch.


      I have already created new production environment in launch using DTM embed code but while publishing it I am creating New Library using prod environment(which i have created using DTM prod embed code) I am getting this environment as inactive in new library dropdown list.



      Prod Environment using DTM prod Embed code.



      Getting Prod Environment(Embed code copied from DTM prod Embed code) Inactive while creating New Library.



      Please suggest to do the needful.

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          Alexis Cazes Adobe Experience Cloud MVP

          This is only usefull is you migrate from DTM to Launch.#


          In DTM click on the button to migrate to Launch you should a dialog box that asks if you want to use same production as DTM check this.


          During migration Launch should create Development, Staging and Production enviroment for you.


          You can never link a build to the Stage or Production environment, it should always be a dev one.


          Once you finish the development you should push your build for approval which should move it to stage env. Once it is approved and published it will be available in prod env for both the DTM prod location as we decided to link it during migration and the launch one.

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            rounakk99577173 Level 1

            First of all I would like to thanks for your reply!
            My client wants step by step migration from DTM to Launch. He wants to use the same DTM Embed stage code for creating stage environment in Adobe Launch. There after DTM prod Embed code for creating Launch Production Environment.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DyA1nqtgVg

            He is referring this video: Migrating from Adobe DTM to Launch by Adobe - YouTube


            Is it possible?

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              Alexis Cazes Adobe Experience Cloud MVP

              When you migrate a DTM we property to Launch and select the option to use same prod location then when you publish code to production it will be both uploade to the Legacy DTM production endpoint and to the new Adobe Launch Endpoint.


              For staging then will have to use the Adobe Launch staging endpoint. It is not possible to link the legacy DTM staging endpoint to the Launch Staging Endpoint. So they will need to update the embedded code on their staging websites.


              Some points to b aware off:

              • Make sure to disable the DTM web property. If at any point you publish via DTM it will overwrite the Launch code in the legacy DTM production endpoint. The production endpoint will be used for both DTM and Launch.
              • DTM staging endpoint will remain and code on it will remain. As far as I know there is no plan to delete the code. It is a good to use the staging DTM endpoint against the Poduction endpoint to do performance analysis. We have seen an instance when we migrated where to website went from 24s to 6s load time. (Yea DTM blocks a lot).
              • When migrating to Launch the Adobe Analytics extension will not send a default page view beacon. You need to use a rule for this.
              • There is tags or advance filetring of rules or dataElement in Launch, we had to create a syntax for rule naming.
                • Type of Rule -- Type of Event -- Location -- Actions -- version
                • Type of rule can be either EBR (event based rule), PLR (page load rule), DCR (Direct call rule)
                  • Multiple type of rule can cohexist and should be separated by |
                • Type of Event depends on which events are selected in the rule
                  • i.e: PB (page bottom), PT (page top), WL (window load), Click (click on page), DE change (data element change)...
                  • Multiple type of events can cohexist and should be separated by a |
                • Location: on which pages it should be loaded
                  • Use this syntax: Brand - Page Name - Item interacted with
                • Actions: Type of actions used in the actions section of Adobe Launch interface
                  • i.e: AA (Adobe Analytics), AT (Adobe Target), GT(Google Tag), FB (Facebook pixel)
                  • Multiple type of actions can cohexist and should be separated by a |
                • Version: vN where N is the version of the tags
                  • useful is 2 version of the tags exists at the same time
                  • i.e: you release a tag before release date of a specific feature, rule v1 still needs to fire and as soon as new feature is released v2 will be fired.
              • Make sure to put all of your custom code in adobe launch between try catch. The catch should never be silent so use _satellite.logger.error('[Rule name or Extension name or Data element] Meaning message -- ' + 3);