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    Lightroom Classic - Exporting Final Archive created in LR to client


      I have been hired to re-organize and re-structure a photographer's archive using Lightroom Classic. I want to create and export a restructured archival system (folder structures, file names, etc...) so he has a consolidated new archive (of final renamed files with all the info I embed through LR) he can easily search through on his own hard drive AND through Lightroom (using keywords, meta-data, etc..)


      I am working on my Lightroom from home. I assume the existing archive files and the newly exported finals should all be saved on a HD (as should my lightroom catalogues, collections, etc..?) Can he copy all to his computer and upon opening his own Lightroom, "see" what I have worked on, as it appears on mine?


      And finally, can I export the renamed/tweaked final files in full resolution on the HD (versus sharing my collections as lower resolution resized previews, or the like?) Essentially I want my final product to be all his, available on his HD, viewable in his LR.


      I ultimately want him to have a "final" archive that he can use LR to search through, just unsure how it works when working off two computers, individual membership and not going "cloud" on this. I don't want to "share" as much as deliver, if that makes sense?


      ANY and all insight would be golden. First time using Lightroom properly, so much to learn and don't want to get too far without knowing what's up ahead.