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    Audio Conferencing

      Hi Everyone,

      I am trying to achieve audio conferencing using Flex and FMS3.0
      Currently I am following an approach where each user participating in the conference publishes his Live NetStream to the server and listens to every live NetStream published by others (which is managed using a shared object list of users’ netstream names on FMS).

      ///// Publish Snippet

      microphone = Microphone.getMicrophone();

      /// End of Snippet

      However, there is a lot of echo when I use IE for all the clients unless I include an additional line Secutiry.showSettings() and click Allow microphone when the Popup appears (when I run the swf) the echo isnt heard.
      The same application if run on Firefox doesn’t give any echo (with or without Security.showSettings() line). However, some participants cannot hear other parties
      Does anyone have any pointers on how to ensure a consistent behavior without showing the advanced settings popup/ also consistent behaviour on firefox.

      If there is any other approach that someone wants to suggest, they are more than welcome.

      Thanks in advance!